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Research and Publications

The Science of Family Systems Theory

"In The Science of Family Systems Theory, Dr. Priest provides a cohesive guide to understanding and applying general systems theory with increased clarity and purpose. From describing the minute details of cells and DNA within the body to explaining systemic oppression in broader sociocultural systems, the author provides the reader with an opportunity to see how comprehensive general systems theory can be in explaining so many processes in the universe. The book also provides examples of how to make clear connections between scientific observations and family systems theory." – Daniel Hubler, PhD, CFLE, associate professor, Child and Family Studies, Weber State University


Publications in Scientific Journals

I have published more than 35 articles in peer-reviewed family therapy and family science journals. My research addresses three questions about families and health: Who matters to health? How do they “get under our skin?” and What can we do about it?

A complete list can be found here.


Attached Podcast

I also talk about family research and my love of reality television with two of my best friends on our podcast "Attached." We also debunk bad relationship advicing using science.

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