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Family relationships and mental health

Speaker. Author. Educator.

With over 10 years of experience in private practice, Jacob Priest, PhD, LMFT, has supported individuals, couples, and families on their path to healthier connections.

Jacob is a licensed marriage and family therapist who teaches about the connection between relationships and our health. He’s an associate professor of couples and family therapy, and provides therapy and supervision at the University of Iowa's LGBTQ Clinic and the UIowa Weight Management Clinic. By studying the relationship between families and individuals, he helps therapists and students assess and diagnose family systems theory.



Systemic Diagnosis: The Application of Family Systems Theory


Rooted in family systems theory, Jacob B. Priest offers you a model to diagnosis the history, structure, and boundaries of family systems. Starting at traditional and relational models of diagnosis and diving into systemic diagnosis, readers are introduced to the EPIC assessment and guided on how to use it in their practice.

This book is essential for couple and family therapy students who are taking courses in assessment and mental health diagnosis and treatment.

Rebecca A. Cobb, PhD, LMFT, Associate Clinical Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Couples and Family Therapy, Seattle University

“With great examples and guided practice, Priest makes difficult concepts easy to comprehend. The icing on the cake is that Priest writes like he's talking to a good friend, making it incredibly engaging. Five stars for this much needed book!"
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